NCAAF 2017-18: Week 14 Rankings

  1. Oklahoma (11-1): Better loss and road wins than Clemson in my opinion, but interchangeable with Clemson
  2. Clemson (11-1): Again, interchangeable with Oklahoma
  3. Auburn (10-2): Beat #1 twice, and 2 close road losses to highly ranked teams
  4. Wisconsin (12-0): Undefeated and taking care of business, but not against ranked teams
  5. UCF (11-0): Comparable to Wisconsin, decent conference and ranked wins
  6. Alabama (11-1): Best loss and decent wins, but haven’t beaten anyone at the top
  7. Georgia (11-1): Comparable to Alabama, but destroyed by Auburn
  8. Miami (FL) (10-1): Comparable to Georgia (Notre Dame win), but struggles on road against mediocre teams
  9. TCU (10-2): Comparable to Ohio State, but better losses and road wins + chance to beat OU
  10. Ohio State (10-2): Blowout loss to Iowa is bad, home loss to OU will be bad if TCU beats OU on neutral ground
  11. Penn State (10-2): Good resume but no great wins plus head-to-head loss to Ohio State
  12. USC (10-2): Comparable to teams ahead, but no top wins, non-conference struggles, and blowout loss
  13. Stanford (9-3): Best 3-loss team – great resume in terms of wins & losses – but head-to-head loss to USC
  14. Washington (10-2): Comparable to teams ahead, but head-to-head loss to Stanford and struggles on road
  15. Notre Dame (9-3): 3 losses – 2 blowouts and 1 home – and beaten worse by Stanford than Washington was
  16. Michigan State (9-3): Destroyed by Notre Dame at home, but good wins against PSU and others
  17. LSU (9-3): Wins against Auburn and others, but home loss to Troy and blowout loss to Mississippi State
  18. Memphis (10-1): Strong performance in decent conference and only loss to UCF
  19. Washington State (9-3): Good home wins but terrible on the road, so less impressive than Memphis with 2 fewer losses
  20. Oklahoma State (9-3): Good road wins but terrible at home – no wins against teams ahead of them, so less impressive than Washington State
  21. Virginia Tech (9-3): Great losses, but no great wins
  22. Northwestern (9-3): Blown out by Duke, who Virginia Tech beat, but good wins
  23. South Florida (9-2): Decent conference, only loss to UCF and Houston’s better QB in his 1st game (sorta like ISU-OU)
  24. Fresno State (9-3): Only non-conference losses at Alabama and at Washington plus head-to-head win against Boise State
  25. Boise State (9-3): Struggle against ACC (Virginia), but almost knocked off Pac-12 (Washington State) and ruled decent conference until losing head-to-head to Fresno State


  • SEC Champ (Winner of Auburn-Georgia)
  • ACC Champ (Winner of Clemson-Miami)
  • Big 12 Champ (Winner of Oklahoma-TCU)
  • Wisconsin with win, Alabama otherwise

WHY? TCU > Alabama > Ohio State

  • TCU > Ohio State, especially given TCU win over Oklahoma at neutral site (SEE ABOVE)
  • TCU > Alabama because Bama has no great wins like TCU would (OU, @OKST) + both of TCU’s losses were on the road – would make up for OU, loss by 7 on road to improved ISU
  • Alabama > Ohio State since Alabama matches up in road games + Ohio State’s losses are hard to forgive (blowout loss to Iowa especially)

I would include UCF, but I know that’s not happening. :(


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